Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How far will 1 Watt go?

After the constant concentration during this weekend's contest, it was nice to settle back to something a little more relaxing and sedate. I am not normally overly active on the macro based data comms we have available but wanted to try something new. This led me to venture into an "odd" but fun digital mode, JT65-HF.

The software is freely available and setting it up with the Flex5000A was an absolute doddle.

After watching things develop on the receive screen, I guessed it might be worth my while quickly reading the manual so I didn't make too much a fool of myself when finally hitting the ENABLE TX button. I set the Flex to 1W and checked the ALC, -4db should be enough not to upset anyone ......then waited for the unfortunate guinea pig who was to be my first.

I think the DF station soon figured out I was a novice on the mode and quickly scarpered.  So another quick read over the correct protocol and I was ready for another go.

Thankfully, the second station was a little more patient with me and a successful contact/exchange was made. I was surprised, using PSKReporter, which stations were reporting they could hear me. My antenna is not in an ideal place and, as previously mentioned, I am surrounded by some hills on all sides.....so 1W wasn't doing bad.

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