Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Mobile

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a FT-857D. I enjoy mobile working, probably a throwback from my WAB days. I researched and read endless reviews on antennas in search of something that would work well and ended up buying a Little Tarheel II screwdriver.

I added the longer whip as I really wanted the extra gain...even at the loss of 50Mhz. The really good thing with the BMW is that the battery is in the boot. This allows for all cabling to remain in the car and well away from any engine ignition bits.

The antenna is motorised, so the toggle switch which powers its up and downs needed to be positioned in an easily accessible place. I stuck the switch and the junction of the cat5 mic lead to the central fixture. Not wanting to drill any holes was a double sided tape was used.

The head unit is attached to a windscreen mounted goose neck unit from the local media store. All in all I was very pleased with the install.

So having fitted it all in, it was off for a drive to see how it faired. The looks you get from the unknowing are priceless! Twisted necks and those that slow down to have a better look. Today was CQ-M contest day, an ideal time to see if I could be heard. 14Mhz wasn't particularly buzzing but still had enough activity to make the installation test worthwhile. I exchanged with a couple of stations and was happy when one of them commented that the signal was good from a mobile.


  1. That look like a very nice installiation.
    I would think that keeping the head on the dash would pick up heat.
    It may be warming up but I have been folling th epost and so far you have no proplems.
    Very nice and neat looking

  2. Nice job. Looks proffessional!!
    Jim AC8AZ