Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Flex

I have had a few radios in the past but currently I own four. My main radio is a Flex5000A.

Whilst in Sth. Korea I spent many hours drifting around youtube clips and came across this new technology called Software Defined Radio. I have to say I was blown away and somehow managed to convince the CFO to allow me to buy a new radio. The software has moved on in leaps and bounds over the two years I have been a convert that even this picture is now quite out dated.
I did not go 'cold turkey' over the lack of tangible buttons and knobs to fact, I much prefer the 'point and click' and I certainly wasn't bothered that the PC had to load up before the radio was usable. Ample time to make a coffee!

The connectivity that is available makes the conventional shack, with leads and accessories, a thing of the past. Everything is contained in the PC and, therefore, in the digital domain. The logging software, the data programs and pretty much everything you can think of.  One lead in and one lead out!

I have tried several popular software packages but have settled with DXLabs Suite. I find it dovetails perfectly and suits all my requirements. If I am playing at contests, I will use N1MM logger and for a little help with the decoding of morse, I use CWSkimmer. The only downside is due to my location. Mid-building apartment with neighbours who just about tolerate my hobby and a foreigner to boot! Being the nice guy I am, I try to reciprocate their tolerance and have changed the Cobbwebb for a TW2010. What I would do for some space, some height and a more directional antenna.