Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Old Faithful

Coinciding with passing my morse test at a rally in Cambridge in '87, I moved house. This was always a great way to generate a little spare cash for self gratification. After a brief visit to a dealership in Hatfield Peverel, I returned home with a brand new FT767GX. I was really chuffed as they had only recently come on sale.

I am quite surprised, that at 25 yrs old, I still have it and it is still in perfect working order. I tend to treat all my radios with kid gloves so I am glad that, cosmetically, it is still in really good knick.

Ah.....I would like to introduce you to M6FCH, or #1 Son as I call him. I guess he must be nearly 25 now!

Starting out in this hobby can prove to be quite a daunting task, particularly in today's economical climate. So being the good OM that I am and seeing as he took an early liking to squealing (and dribbling) down the mic, I have told #1 Son that he has the use of the radio and anything else I may have amassed over the years. He basically gets the radio, antennas, PK232 and a few other odds and sods.....not bad for a freebie. If your reading this m8....its a loaner not a keeper :)

This radio was where I cut my teeth with HF and where all my 'firsts' were experienced. Endless days and nights with the great guys I met on the WAB nets, the radio used as a DA2 and the one I took to VO1 when on detachment to highlight a few.

Oh, this is me a few years back just to prove I still have the radio (and a little more hair than I might have now!)


  1. I have been driving around and have seen a fair few repeaters around. Alberta is pretty flat to the East as it's all prairie!

    Got a meeting with the Red Deer AMC as soon as I can get a Sunday off to meet them!

  2. Good...keep the interest up..it will be worth it in the end