Friday, 10 August 2012

VKs up the ying-yang

I have to say, I am really pleased with the FT857D and LT2 antenna!

For so many years I had to make do with so many restrictions that hampered my radio experience and chipped away enough at my enthusiasm that I eventually found other pastimes to engross myself in. Here in Switzerland, not being in the best location and having neighbours that don't take too kindly to their surrounding blighted with metal (or wire), I have to make do with a compromise antenna. Even so, with this short vertical dipole, I have managed to work several stations from locations I had never heard before.....including a couple from Australia. I know that's probably not a big deal for some of you but we are not all blessed with space to take advantage of.

But from the car....WOW....what a difference! The mornings have undoubtedly been good over the past months, so good that VKs are predominantly the most common callsigns I hear on my drives to work. I am sure the /M has a lot to do with my success in managing to get their attention....and I am not complaining :)

I have been totally enthralled with the 2012 Olympics and, as a Brit, I am really proud of what the country has produced and the superb efforts of all our athletes. With such excitement and euphoria, it makes me really miss home. So, in an attempt to try and stay close, I make a real effort to exchange with as many UK stations as I can. The Olympic special event stations are currently the focus of my attention and I particularly like the 2O12 prefixed calls (2O12L from London, 2O12W from Sth Wales). I hope to work a few more before the games finish.

Footy season only 1 week away.......hoorah!!

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