Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Early morning drive to Berne

My passport has been in the renewal process for a few weeks now and, typically, I have an urgent need to travel. The passport service on the internet is one of the most "round and round in circles" web sites I have ever been on...such contradiction from one page to another. After finding out the requirements on obtaining an emergency passport and booking the only available time slot for an appointment, I had to plan for an early drive across the north of Switzerland to the capital city, Berne.

Phased? No chance! The opportunity to see what might be about so early was likely to be fun. And it proved so too! 20M hadn't opened when I started driving so the first half hour of the drive was listening to a band slowly coming alive. And then, very audible for me, was what turned out to be my first contact into ZL. I was really chuffed and now only have Hawaii to complete my "you really should have done these by now Robert" list.

Radio wise, the drive back was not as busy. I did have a great chat with GB2012OLY. It turned out that Chris was on the mic (M0DOL) and we nattered on for a few minutes........me wondering how annoying it must have been for those waiting to exchange with the Olympic station :) 

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