Thursday, 24 August 2017


So I heard about this new digimode that was similar to JT65 except you didn't have the time to watch the paint dry with this one!

JT65 is just sooooooooo slow that I just lose interest on the first over. That curtailed my exploration with this mode and left me with only the occasional dabble with RTTY and PSK31 to quench my digi-thirst.

I, as I tend to do with lots of things, watched a few vids on youtube to gauge whether I should afford this new mode some time. It seemed easy enough to master and with the benefit of being only 15sec key down time worthy of try.

Installation of WSJT-X with the K3 was simple....having it controlled by Win4Ksuite and, via JTAlert sending all logged contacts directly to Log4OM....and it wasn't long before my FT8 collection was underway. This is supposed to be a low power mode, so I limit myself to 5W to increase the "oh, I didn't expect to get that one" fun factor.

I also took the opportunity of removing the SignalinkUSB from the circuit and replacing with 2 stereo leads directly from the back of the K3 to the soundcard on the PC. It works a dream and will probably result in #1Son getting a new addition to his set up.

SO, in short....yes, worth a go!

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