Sunday, 8 January 2017

Xmas was great!

I went home with a half empty car only to return with one filled to the gunnels!

#1 Son enjoyed stepping in to the 21 century with full CAT control, auto logging and filters! He is now the proud owner of a TS-590S.....and I have to say, what a nice radio it is too. The old FT-767 will go on the market, hopefully to give someone else the pleasure of it.

I didn't really get anything in the line of radio stuff to talk about.....a replacement 2m/70cm antenna was all. I installed it on the car this afternoon and am very pleased it adjusted perfectly and looks nicer than the replaced item.

That's it so far!


  1. Exam taken, waiting for results!

    Where will your first SOTA activation be this year :)

  2. I aint going near any hill until it warms up a and cold don't work :)